Beach Volleyball League

2022 Adult Beach Volleyball League
David Bissett Beach Volleyball Complex
Located at Victoria Sports Park - 350 E 100 N Raymond
4v4 Coed League for anyone 16+
Cost: $50/team

Register Online
Rules and structure:
  • Adult (16+)
  • Co-ed 4 vs. 4
  • Out of the 4 people on the court 2 have to be female
  • Each team can register up to 6 players on a team
  • 3 people may play if it is okay for the opposing team
  • Teams must be ON TIME for games. A maximum of 5 minutes after game time will be given for teams to show a full team. If they are unable to provide enough players after the 5 minutes, the team forfeits the first set. Teams will then have up to 15 minutes to provide enough players before they forfeit the entire game
  • Games are best of three to 21, 3rd set to 15
  • All games are capped, meaning no win by two rule
  • Games will be timed. A maximum of 45 mins will be given to play, scores at the 45 mins will be final scores
  • Each team is allowed one 30 second time out per game.
  • Please bring your own volleyballs for your team to warm-up
  • All beach volleyball rules will follow the FIVB Official rules for beach volleyball:
  • All teams are responsible for calling their own faults (ie, net touches, carries, double hits, ball in/out, etc.) 
  • Teams are expected to play and watch with respect and show proper sportsmanship
  • There will be no tolerance for harassment of players, organizers, spectators or anyone else
  • All games will be held at Victoria Sports Beach Volleyball Courts in Raymond AB
  • The winning team is responsible for submitting final scores of each set
League will run on Wednesday evenings from June 1 - Aug 24

Limited to 12 teams for this league.