Raymond Knights Swim Club

Raymond Knights Swim Club 2017

What's new for 2017?
There is a lot new for this year. 
Our swim club here in town will now be known as the Raymond Knights Swim Club. The club is now a Raymond Recreation supported youth sports program. We have joined the Alberta Summer Swim Association (ASSA) and we will be attending ASSA sanctioned swim meets this season. 
What are the minimum swimmer requirements?
Swimmers must be at least 5 years old as of May 1st and must show confidence in the water, being able to swim one length of the pool (25 meters) unassisted. 
How often do kids swim during the season?
The Knights will train three times a week through June and at least four times a week during the remainder of the season. Swimmers are placed in groups based on age and skill level. 
  • Monday / Wednesday 7am - 8am (age 9 and over)
  • Tuesday / Thursday 7am - 8am (age 8 and under)
  • Friday 7am - 8am (open to all swimmers)
  •  Monday - Thursday 8am - 9:45am (all swimmers)
  • Wednesday evening 7pm - 8pm (optional)
  • Friday 8am - 9:45am (optional)
  • Saturday 11am - 12pm (optional)
Registration - $100 (includes swimsuit and swim cap)
Fundraising Fee - $100 (in order to keep our registration costs for swimmers affordable we will be putting a greater emphasis on our fundraising swim-a-thon this season.
Upon time of registration each swimmer will provide a post-dated cheque for $100 as a deposit. Each swimmer will then be required to raise a minimum of $100 during the swim-a-thon. Once the $100 Fundraising goal has been reached the post dated cheque will be returned to the swimmer (or destroyed). If a swimmer fails to raise the required dollar amount the difference will be required to be paid by the swimmer. 
  • Registration opens May 3rd
  • Registration will be completed at VSP Fitness (there will be no online registration)
  • At time of registration please provide the swimmers' Alberta Health Care number, email and phone number, emergency contact info and swimsuit size (we will have a size chart)