Frequently Asked Questions

Raymond Knights Football Club
Question: Is this a coed program?
Answer: Although Raymond Minor Soccer house league and the County of Warner Southern Alberta Summer Games teams are coed for all age groups, tiered soccer begins to seperate the male and female players as they enter the U12 age group. Our first tryout will be open for all interested players in their respective age groups. 
Question: Not coed? But I'm sure I have heard of girls playing on boys tiered soccer teams. 
Answer: Yes you are correct. The final decisions for player rosters will be left up to the coach of each respective team. Therefore there is a possibility that a coach may feel that a female player would be a great fit for their male team. But there is no obligation for our coaches to include any female players on their "boys" teams. 
Question: Not coed? Does that mean there will be girls teams?
Answer: Yes. Maybe... We want to create teams for boys and girls at each of the age groups as long as there is interest. We feel we could create U12 and U14 girls teams this year. But we do not have coaches lined up for those teams yet.
If you are interested in coaching U12 and U14 Girls please contact us at
Question: Will there be games on Sundays?
Answer: Most likely. Soccer tournaments are regularily scheduled on weekends. But we are only going to two or three tournaments. So the max amount of Sundays we would be playing soccer is three. 
Question: Tournaments? Is this even a league?
Answer: Our tiered soccer is not a "league". The teams will attend tournaments and play exhibition games as they prepare for the Alberta Soccer Provincial Championships.
Question: Tournaments only? Does that mean a lot of travel?
Answer: There could be some travel out of our immediate area. Our teams are only expected to attend three tournaments this season (including Provincials) which will limit our travel frequency. 

Question: Is this program replacing Raymond Minor Soccer house league? 
Answer: No. This program will be run as an extension of, or in addition to our existing soccer programs in town.